Our Mission

NFDA is a national trade association representing organizations and individuals that provide real estate services to the land-holding agencies of the United States Government. The Association provides a consolidated voice from Association members to Federal agencies and Congressional committees on matters relating to Government real estate, including lease acquisition, build-to-suit construction, identification and disposition of surplus property, and the reduction of real estate operating expenses through lease consolidations, improved utilization rates, greater market alignment, more efficient leasing structures, and reduced dependence on costly lease extensions and holdovers. In addition, the Association promotes improved communications between the public and private sectors through regional conferences and public-private panels at national conferences that can generate new ideas and alternative procedures that will serve to promote even greater efficiencies in lease acquisition and procurement.




The Association is organized as a non-profit trade association under Section 501C(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. Membership will be offered to qualified participants in the field of Federal government real estate, including organizations and individual real estate professionals.


Research Programs

The Association has the ability to assist the Government in a variety of ways to help make Federal real estate operate more efficiently and effectively. We do this by conducting research in how current policies are working by polling Association members on how well they believe current practices and processes are working, and then calling for suggested improvements and alternative procedures, developing position papers for Congress and the Administration, participating in Congressional hearings, and assisting in the drafting of proposed legislation.


Conferences & Meetings

The Association's Website at www.nfda.us brings information together in one place from which members can readily access and download information on current and upcoming national conferences and chapter meetings held from time to time in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Denver, Sacramento, and in the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Association.



The Association is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors who have extensive experience in Government real estate, including investment, development, financing and asset management of Government facilities, and several are former Government officials. The Board is headed by an Executive Chairman, who is currently. Dennis Eisen, PhD. He is one of the original founders of the Association and former consultant to various land-holding agencies, including GSA, the VA, FAA, HUD and DOI's Bureau of Indian Affairs, and is the author of the classic text on Decision Making in Federal Real Estate: How the Government Decides Whether and with Whom to Build, Buy or Lease.

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Board of Directors


First Name Last Name Company Email Role

Dr. Dennis


Eisen Journal of Government Real Estate deisen@nfda.us Chairman/Executive Director



Trickey Hoover Properties ttrickey@nfda.us Treasurer



Miller Pillsbury Winthorp Shaw Pittman LLP dmiller@nfda.us Board Member



Margetich The Margetich Group greg@themargetichgroup.com Board Member



Bell Epic Consulting tbell@epicconsultingfirm.com Board Member



Brackett UIRC biz@uirc.com Board Member



Givner HPI Capital david@hesta.com Board Member



Curran Curran Legal Services Diana@curranlegal.com Board Member



Elman Elman Investors lee.eii@me.com Board Member



Chandler Smithsonian ccchandler@wrightwoodpropertiesinc.com Board Member



Kendall Easterly REIT rkendall@easterlyreit.com Board Member



Peck Gensler bob_peck@gensler.com Board Member



Ritchie Newmark mritchie@newmarkrealtycapital.com Board Member


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