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Washington DC, May 1, 2014

The National Federal Development Association (NFDA) announces the formation of regional chapters throughout the United States that will parallel the regional offices of the General Services Administration (GSA).  Dr. Dennis Eisen, Executive Vice President and Director of Research of NFDA, stated that the chapters established to date comprise the National Capitol, New England, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, and Western regions of the United States.  Their respective NFDA directors are Theo Bell, Managing Director of Epic Consulting (DC); Josh Evans, Senior Director at Bostonia (Boston); David Givner, Managing Director, HPI Capital (New York); Jamie Scruggs, President of National Public Services Corporation (Chicago); Diana Curran, Managing Partner of Curran Legal Services (Atlanta); and Greg Margetich, President of The Margetich Group (Sacramento). Other chapters in formation are the Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia), Southwest (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Heartland (Kansas City), Mountain (Denver), and Northwest (Seattle) regions.


These chapters will reach out to developers and construction firms, asset and property managers, leasing agents and commercial brokers, individual and institutional investors, lenders and financial intermediaries, architects and space planners, attorneys and appraisers, realty specialists and contracting officers, and all others involved in government real estate at the local or regional level, for the purpose promoting education and interaction between the private and public sectors, including federal agencies as well as state government and municipal agencies..

Kick-off meetings will take place in Chicago on June 11th and in Atlanta on June 23rd, and anyone interested should consult NFDA's Website at for time and place. Attendance is free but registration is required. NFDA was formed in 2009 for the purpose of promoting education and interaction between the private and public sectors at the national level, and members include industry leaders in all aspects of government real estate as well as leaders within the executive and legislative branches of government, many of whom have served on panels at the NFDA's annual meeting in Washington, DC.


For further information, contact Dr. Dennis Eisen at or call 301-762-1441.


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