Membership will be offered to qualified participants in the field of federal real estate, including organizations and individual real estate professionals involved in activities including, but not limited to:


  1. bullet Developing build-to-suit, lease-construction and enhanced use leasing projects for civilian and military agencies;

  2. bullet Restoring, rehabilitating or modernizing federally owned real estate facilities;

  3. bullet Leasing existing building or other real estate facilities to GSA and other federal civilian and military agencies;

  4. bullet Owning and investing in government-leased facilities;

  5. bullet Providing brokerage and facilitating property sales and purchases;

  6. bullet Providing government agencies with asset and property management services;
  8. bullet Providing architectural, engineering, and construction management services;

  9. bullet Providing ancillary services such as: financing, legal, accounting, and space planning.

  10. Individual Membership: $300

  11. Please complete the form below and we will review your applicaiton for membership. If you would like to reach someone regarding membership please email Greg Margetich