NFDA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the National Federal Development Association?
A: To become a member of the NFDA you can apply online or download a copy of the Member Profile form and submit it to NFDA headquarters by mail, fax, or electronically. Membership applications must be accompanied by a check or other payment arrangements (PayPal or credit card information) at the time of application.


Q: How can I subscribe to The Journal of Government Real Estate?

A: Go to the Home Page and click on the link to the Journal., which currently offers a 50% discount to NFDA members. To obtain the discount user the Promo Code you received when you joined or renewed your NFDA membership. Enter a one- or two-year subscription in the normal fashion and as an NFDA member you'll automatically receive your discount. Follow the link below. Or visit

Q: How can I pay the annual NFDA membership dues or for an upcoming conference fee?
A: You can pay by check made payable to NFDA in the appropriate amount and remitted to our headquarters address at 13775 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613. Be sure to indicate the purpose of the payment on the check (membership dues/conference fee/event sponsorship, etc.).

Q: Can I pay via PayPal or by credit card?
A: You can pay membership dues or conference fees using your online PayPal account., which also accepts non PayPal payments with all major credit cards. A Member Credit Card Payment form is available for downland, please fill out and submit it to NFDA headquarters by mail (13775 N. Nebraska Ave.Tampa, FL 33613), fax (813) 963-6900 or scan and email it to

Q: How do I get a copy of the Member Credit Card Payment form?
A: Download a copy of the Member Credit Card Payment form here.

Q: What's NFDA's fax number and email address?

A: Our fax number is 813-963-6900 and email address is The mailing address is 13775 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613.

Q: How can I contact NFDA headquarters by telephone?

A: NFDA's dedicated telephone number in Tampa, Florida, is 813-963-4609, and is available 9:00 am through 3:00 pm Eastern time M-F. At other times leave a message and we will get back to you promptly.

Q: When does membership renewal take place?

A: Membership renewal takes place each year as the expiration date of your current membership approaches. You will be billed via email sixty days in advance of that date.

Q: Must I join NFDA in order to attend one of its conferences?

A: Conference meetings are open to all. However, first preference is given to NFDA members and non-members will pay a conference fee premium —making it more economical to join the Association.

Q: My schedule does not permit me to attend both days of a two-day meeting.  Can I register and pay for just one day's attendance ?
A: There are certain costs to NFDA that can be prorated by the venue providers (such as food and beverage) and certain ones that cannot (such as rental, signage and A/V equipment). On balance, our policy is to charge 85% of the conference fee for the first day alone (as it includes as well the networking session), and 60% of the conference fee for the second day alone.

Q: What is the refund policy for cancelling a registration?
A: The NFDA cancellation policy is as follows:
            Cancelling at least 45 days in advance: full refund
            Canceling 30 to 44 days in advance: 75% refund
            Cancelling 15 to 29 days in advance: 50% refund
            Cancelling one week in advance: 25% refund
            Cancelling less than one week in advance: no refund
The above cancellation policy is designed to encourage attendees to substitute an alternative member of their firm to attend  meetings in their place if circumstances arise wherein they cannot make it to a meeting. There is no charge for substituting one member for another under the circumstances.

Q:  How many employees can a corporation send to a conference?

A: Corporate members can send as many as three (3) employees to an NFDA meeting, Additional employees (or substitutes for any of the three named individuals) can be registered for NFDA meetings for $150 each (plus the venue fee itself); thus the overall membership/registration fee for five employees would be $1,200 (for the fist three) plus $150 each for the next two, or $1,500. If the apportioned venue cost for the event was, say, $500 dollars per person, the overall charges for those five individuals would be as $1,500 plus 5 times $500, or $4,000..

Q: Is there a discount for firms that wish to send  multiple attendees to a conference?

A: NFDA is a non-profit association that seeks to encourage membership and meeting attendance by keeping membership dues at a minimum and conference fees that frequently do not cover meeting costs and staff salaries, and we therefore cannot extend multiple attendee discounts to firms or government agencies.

Q: If my firm would like to serve as sponsor towards a breakfast, lunch, networking session, room rental or other component cost of a conference, how will this be acknowledged?
A: NFDA actively encourages member firms to sponsor such component events (in full or in part), and such contributions are acknowledged in several ways: by displaying the firm's banner  in the background at each such event (breakfast, lunch, or other session); by thanking them profusely at the conference introduction and wind-up sessions; by acknowledging the firm's effort on the NFDA Website; and not least of all,  by acknowledging the firm's effort on the subsequent issue of Government Leasing News that described the meeting to the thousands of recipients of the newsletter in the private and public sectors in the world of government  real estate.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the NFDA?

A: The benefits are numerous:

On a collective basis, NFDA brings together members of the real estate industry for information exchange, not only between members, but between private sector members and their government. It permits members of the private-sector real estate industry to speak with one voice in pointing out impediments and obstacles in achieving our government's goals in space efficiency, footprint reduction, cost reduction, energy  consumption, and resource allocation within ever-shrinking federal budgets;


NFDA lets members hear about new programs and new opportunities to help alleviate the functional obsolescence of an aging infrastructure;

NFDA helps promote the use of public-private partnerships by and between real estate firms and agencies with unresolved real estate needs;

NFDA promotes deal making though networking sessions in which buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders can meet each other to talk business;

NFDA can provide a focused source of information on who won what procurement, subcontracting opportunities, posting thorny questions (and receiving responses) about holdovers, base years, escalations, late rents, inordinate delays, scoring and other business matters;

NFDA can be a source for data and research reports unavailable from any other source;
It can keep you abreast of the continuing changes in rules and regulations governing every aspect of government real estate; and

From a human interest perspective, it will show milestones—promotions, retirements, job openings, honors and design awards.   


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